Apr. 01 Business Seminar “Safety and Crime Prevention” Report

JCCSC Monthly Business Seminar Report
Tuesday,  April 01, 2014

"Safety and Crime Prevention"
On Tuesday April 01 2014, our regular monthly Business Seminar was held at JCCSC boardroom. 
This month's topic was "Safety and Crime Prevention".
The Lecturer was Mr. Christopher Jarvis, Senior Lead Officer of the Los Angeles Police Department.
Officer Jarvis Officer Jarvis
Officer Jarvis had prepared handouts for the lecture entitled "Safety Rules to Follow" which he summarized 
the items he discussed.

Items he covered are:
・The Three Rules of Personal Safety
  -Stay Alert
  -Communicate the Message that you're Calm,
   Confident, and Know Where You're Going!
  -Trust your Instincts!
・When at Home Alone
・Obscene or Harassing Phone Calls
・When Walking Alone
・When Driving Alone
・If Your Vehicle Breaks Down
・Parking Your Vehicle
・Returning To a Parked Vehicle
・If Attacked
  -Passive Resistance
  -Active Resistance

Based on his experience, Officer Jarvis' practical and easy-to-follow explanation was very convincing. 
All the participants had listened intently to his words.
Lecture Lecture
Lecture Lecture
Using gestures and demonstrations occasionally, officer Jarvis' lecture was amusing end enjoyable, 
keeping participants interested and focused.
Lecture Lecture
Lecture Lecture
Officer Jarvis had this lecture as an interactive one, and the discussion was lively with positive 
questions and opinions from participants.
interactive lecture interactive lecture
interactive lecture interactive lecture
Thank you very much Officer Jarvis, for your valuable and informative lecture!
President Aoki, Officer Jarvis and the seminar committee member Kitty Sankey

Please look forward to the seminar next month!