Consul General Horinouchi Luncheon

On September 2nd, 2014 we invited representatives of the Japanese American community to celebrate and welcome the new Consul General Harry Horinouchi to the city of Los Angeles. Many community members were eager to meet the new Consul General that the Garden Room of the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC) was filled with over 150 guests!

Opening remarks were made by our Vice President, Ms. Kitty Sankey and was followed by a greeting by our very own President, Mr. Aoki. To represent the Nikkei Community, the CEO of JACCC, Ms. Leslie Ito spoke welcoming words to Consul General Horinouchi.

キティ山城氏 レスリー伊藤氏

Astonished by the praise and welcoming words of the Nikkei Community, Consul General Horinouchi spoke words of excitement and eagerness to serve Southern California. After the lovely speech made by Consul General Horinouchi, Mr. Miyake Akemi made a toast to honor our main guest.

堀之内総領事と奥様のサビーネさん 乾杯の音頭を取る三宅明己氏

After lunch was served, Ms. Kay Inose from Fujinkai and Mme. Hiroko Ikuta from Beikoku Shodo Kenkyukai presented Consul General Horinouchi and his wife a bouquet of flowers and a piece of calligraphy artwork. Closing remarks were made by Ms. Sankey.

花束贈呈 生田博子先生から書道作品を贈られる総領事

We are very excited to all of the remarkable endeavors Consul General Horinouchi will bring to the city of Los Angeles!