January 25 JCCSC Officers’ Installation Luncheon


Installation On Sunday, January 25 at Almansor Court, we will be holding a luncheon installing our wonderful officers and recognizing 4 amazing community members who have been instrumental in making our Nikkei community strive.All of our officers will be installed by former California State Assembly member, Mr. George Nakano. Our very own President, Mr. Yoshio Lee Aoki, will be taking office for the third consecutive year. With his new motto of “Back to the Basics,” his new administration will go back to the roots and missions of JCC to create a more vibrant Nikkei community.

At the luncheon we will be presenting our community awards to Mr. Brian Kito, Ms. Kazue Ogino, Nikkei Games and Mr. Tetsuo Takahashi. Mr. Kito and Ms. Ogino will be receiving the Nikkei Spirit Award. Nikkei Games will be receiving the Community Organization Recognition Award and Mr. Takahashi will be receiving the Presidents’ Award. All 4 honorees have dedicated so much to our community and we are all very thankful for what they have done and are honored to be presenting these awards.

We are very excited to be sharing this moment with the entire Nikkei community. Some of the organizations we will be celebrating with are the Consul General’s Office, Nanka Nikkei Kyougikai, Japanese Women’s Society of SC, OCJAA, Nisei Week Foundation, Pioneer Center and many many more outstanding members of our community.

We are very excited for our new officers and the honorees!