JCCSC Activities

Communication with Government and Local Organizations
The JCCSC representatives meet regularly with various local, state and federal officials, addressing issues of concern to JCCSC members and the community at large. In the past, representatives of the JCCSC have focused on redevelopment and labor relations issues and city and county ordinances. The JCCSC also hosts, sponsors and supports many community events such as the periodic welcoming receptions for the Consul Generals of Japan, Shinnenkai (traditional New Year’s gathering), business education seminars, golf tournaments and annual fundraising dinners.
Cultural and Educational Activities
One of the JCCSC primary goals is to foster understanding and good will between the United States and Japan through cultural programs, information activities and public relations. The JCCSC regularly engages in joint activities with cultural organizations such as the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center (JACCC), the Nanka Kenjinkai Kyogikai (the umbrella organization for the 38 Japanese prefectural organizations), the Japanese American National Museum, various Japanese language schools, and other community based organizations.
Japanese Chamber of Commerce Foundation
The Foundation was established in 1997 to support the charitable community programs of JCCSC, including the establishment of U.S.-Japan cultural exchange activities for youth. The goals of the Foundation are to support the activities of JCCSC and other community nonprofit organizations the enhance cultural understanding between the United States and Japan and to educate the public about the activities and achievements of the Southern California Japanese and Japanese American business communities.
Student Exchange
Each year, members of the JCCSC volunteer as host families to students from Japan, sharing the “Southern California experience” with students of Ashinaga Ikueikai. Ashinaga Ikueikai of Japan provides scholarships to the high school and university students who have lost their father and/or mother by some unfortunate accident or illness. In 1997, the Rainbow Exchange Program was established by the Foundation to send qualified students to Japan.
Jokun Awards
In the Spring and Fall of each year, the JCCSC works with other community organizations in selecting candidates for the Jokun, the Medals of Honor from the Japanese government. The medals are conferred upon individuals in recognition of their political, business and cultural achievements in furthering relations between Japan and the U.S. The JCCSC hosts the annual Jokun Recognition Banquet for awardees.
Goodwill and Friendship
Special events, such as golfing, fishing, gourmet night and other social activities promote goodwill and friendship among JCCSC members, The JCCSC provides a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people.Today, the JCCSC is actively supporting many programs and organizations, including:
Business Seminars and Networking
Under the guidance of the JCCSC’s Business Committee, the JCCSC hosts and sponsors numerous business seminars, in which member companies are given the opportunity to present timely topics regarding their businesses and industries. The JCCSC also hosts various networking events throughout the year at which members are able to socialize, share experiences and exchange ideas and information. In addition, through its newsletter and other member mailings, the JCCSC regularly distributes information regarding its members and member services and products.