Jun. 18 Consul General Niimi Farewell Tribute

After two years and eight months of working as the Consulate General of Southern California and Arizona, Consul General Jun Niimi received a notice for the end of his post. To show gratitude and appreciation towards Consul General Niimi and to extend best wishes on his new assignment in Japan, several leading organizations planned a Community Farewell Tribute at the Quiet Cannon.

At the farewell tribute, Grace Shiba, Vice President of JCCSC, welcomed him and the rest of the community with opening remarks. On behalf of the entire community, JCCSC President, Yoshio Lee Aoki spoke words of great appreciation.

Grace Shiba President Aoki

As the ceremony proceeded, Consul General Niimi spoke parting words to the community. He was grateful and overwhelmed by the community for their continuous support throughout his term. He truly enjoyed the opportunity and will miss the great City of Los Angeles. Following the emotional words by Consul General Niimi, a toast was made by Hiroko Ikuta, President of Beikoku Shodo Kenkyukai and Kay Inose, President of Japanese Women’s Society of Southern California, and the event proceeded to the dinner.

Consul General Niimi Mme. Hiroko Ikuta & Ms. Kei Inose
Round of applause to Consul General Niimi Dinner

After the dinner, a special Japanese calligraphy was demonstrated by Ms. Ikuta. To wrap up the delightful tribute, the community presented gifts to the parting Consul General Niimi.

Mme. Ikuta Calligraphy art work presented to Consul General Niimi
Bouquet presented to Consul General Niimia


We all hope the best for Consul General Niimi and his future endeavors.

JCCSC President Mr. Aoki and Consul General Niimi