Jun. 8 Jokun Recognition ‘Community’ Luncheon

On Sunday June 8th 2014, Jokun Recognition Community Luncheon was held to celebrate decoration of the 
prominent people for their contribution to Japanese American community and promotion of the relationship 
between Japan and America.
More than 200 people gathered to congratulate the honoree to Quiet Cannon in Montebello.
The Mistress of Ceremonmies, Grace Shiba, a vice president of JCCSC started the ceremony. National Anthem 
of the United States of America and Japan was sang by Keiko Takeshita then followed Silent Prayer in Memory
of Passed Jokun Honorees.
Grace Shiba Keiko Takeshita
The ceremony proceeded to the introduction of Honoree. JCC Auditor Howard Miyoshi introduced the achivements
 of Mr. Ray Thomas Decker, and the Chairman of Japan America Sciety Mr. Terry Hara  accepted the award on 
his behalf. He read the messege letter from Mr. Decker who was unable to attend the ceremony for his business.
Howard Miyoshi Yoshio Aoki & Terry Hara
Terry Hara Terry Hara
Followed was introduction of achivements of Mr. Paul Tatsushi Nakamura, who is also a formar President of
JCCSC, by Senior Vice President Mike Okamoto. After the speech by Mr. Nakamura, all the attendees cerebrated
 Mr. Nakamura by standing ovation.
Mike Okamoto Yoshio Aoki & Paul Nakamura
Paul Nakamura Applause
The ceremony preceeded to the congratulatery remarks by President of JCC Mr. Lee Aoki, President of Japanese
 Women's Association of Southern California Ms. Kay Inose, President of Nanka kenjinkai Kyogikai Mr. Sadao 
Tome, then The Honorable Jun Niimi, Consul General of Japan.
Yoshio Aoki Kay Inose
Sadao Tome Consul General Niimi
Further proceeded the ceremony to Shukugin by Kokuho Toyoda, Shokuzen no Kotoba(Prayer) by Howard Miyoshi
from Los Angeles Honpa Honguanji, who is also the Auditor of JCC. Mr. Seiichi Fujitani, First Vice President
of Southeren California Gardener;s Federation lead the toast, then the luncheon began.
Kokuho Toyoda Invocation by Howard Miyoshi
Seiichi Fujitani
The luncheon was finishied with the prayer by Rev. Kazuaki Nakata from Los Angeles Honpa Honguanji, then 
Mr. Kaz Kishita introduced all the co-sponcering organizations. Lastly, Mme. Wakana Hanayagi and Narumi 
Nakamura performed Japanese traditional dance to entertain the audience, and the ceremony was closed.
Rev. Nakata Kaz Kishita
Wakana Hanayagi Wakana Hanayagi
Narumi Nakamura Narumi Nakamura
Congratulations again to the honorees from Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Southern California!

Lee Aoki, Mrs. Nakamura, Mr. Nakamura, Consul General Niimi