Mar. 04 Business Seminar “Are You Prepared for Retirement?” Report

JCCSC Monthly Business Seminar Report
Tuesday,  March 04, 2014
"Are you prepared for retirement?"

This year's first Japanese Business Seminar, "Are you prepared for retirement?" was held on Tuesday, 
March 4. at JCCSC boardroom.
In "Chapter 1:Financial plan for the retirement", instructor Mr. Masayoshi Kirihara(Financial Planner) 
explained the importance of early preparation of property formation plan for retirement, and introduced
various financial plan.
Everyone of the participants had listened attentively to lecturer Kirihara, who say that "There are
as much as the plan that you can think of".
 "Chapter 2:Importance of Estate Planning" Estate plan Atterney Mr. Kazuaki Uemura lectured about the 
plan to hand down the property to ones they desire using slide shows and explained valuable information 
about Living Trust, Will, Joint Tenency and Durable Power of Atterney for Financial Matters with his 
own unique humor.
We will have the seminar in English titled "Safety and Crime Prevention" in April.

Please look forward to it!