Now Accepting Applications to the Rainbow Student Exchange Program

Since 1997, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce Foundation and friends have been sending U.S. students to Japan in cooperation with the Ashinaga Ikueikai of Japan to have students experience the Japanese culture and enhance their knowledge about U.S.-Japan relations.  It is a Stay and Study Program in Japan offered to college/university students who have been affected by the death or permanent disability of one or both parent(s).


During their two week-long stay, students will experience life in Japan by staying at dormitories provided by the Ashinaga Ikueikai and interacting with Japanese Rainbow Students along with Rainbow Students visiting from other countries, taking trips to various cities in Japan.


JCCF has had the pleasure in sending students to Japan for more than 20 years. This year we plan to send students to Japan from around the end of July to mid-August and are now accepting applications for the program until May 31st, 2018.




Ashinaga Ikueikai is a multinational organization headquartered in Japan which offers scholarships and guidance counseling to young people in Japan whose lives have been affected by the death or permanent disability of one or both parent(s).


JCCF: Since its inception, JCCF has worked to support and improve the lives of Nikkei (Japanese Americans) of all ages in Southern California. JCCF has sponsored programs such as immunization clinics and fundraising events to encourage the efforts of community-based organizations (e.g. Keiro Services, Japanese Community Health, Inc., Koreisha Chushoku Kai, and the Kobe Earthquake Relief Fund). JCCF also has a year-end charity drive involving the whole community.

JCC Rainbow 18 Application