Oct.22 “Change your life with the Smile Therapy” Business Seminar in Japanese

October JCCSC Business Seminar(in Japanese) “Change your life with the Smile Therapy was

held on  October  22nd.

In the seminar,  the lecturer Mr. Mack Akasaka, M.D., Ph.D Social Pshycology, discussed subject such as:

-How to become a die-hard super salesman 

-Courtesy Smile that  makes your shop jumping

-Blow away your stress and depression from the office work

Curriculum :Th SThe curriculum included :
Smile Training/Mental training to build positive mind/training to plus-words/The smile-yoga and Zen/The smile breezing and posture/
The smile interpersonal and talking skill 

We will continue providing beneficial seminars.

Please look forward to the announcement of next business seminar!