Oct. 02 Visit by Dr. Higa, nephew of the third JCC President Gongoro Nakamura.

On October 2nd, we received a visit from  Dr. Kunio Higa, Chairman of the Board of Tomishiro Central Hospital in Okinawa, Japan.

Dr. Kunio Higa's Visit

From left to right:JCCSC President Yoshio Aoki,  Dr. Kuniko Higa (nephew of Gongoro Nakamura, 
the third president of JCCSC), Kuniko Gill (sister to Kunio), Kitty Sankey, Hiroko Higa 
(wife of Kunio), Kay Tsurukame (niece of Gongoro Nakamura), and Aki Tsurukame (husband of Kay).

Dr. Kunio Higa is the eldest son of Mr. Yoshio Higa, who married to Misako Higa, the younger sister of the third
President of JCCSC Mr. Gongoro Nakamura.

Accompanied by our board member Kitty Sankey, who is the granddaughter of Gongoro Nakamura,
Dr. Kunio and his relatives arrived around 4pm, and had a pleasent time of conversation with President
Lee Aoki for about an hour.

Thank you very much Mr. Higa, for your visit and valuable stories!