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Notice to Customers

Currently, we are not increasing the number of accounts, and
not accepting new customers/accounts.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Customers who already have account with us will
continue to receive the same quality service. offers stable, secure and efficient web and Email hosting for you with affordable price!

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Maintenance Notice 

@yNoticezInterruption of new accont registration ( 2016-09-24 )

@yMaintenancezMarch 2nd 12am to 2am ( 2016-03-02 )

@yTechnicalz Interruption of service from 6pm to 9pm on September 29th. 
( 2015-09-29 )

@yMaintenancezWebmail system vesion update ( 2015-05-20 )

@yNoticezServer space increase ( 2015-04-15 )

@yMaintenancezSecurity Update ( 2015-07-25 )